Calibration Facility & Service

We offer calibration services for the following;

  Process Control Instrumentation (Pressure/Temperature/Level)

  Flow Measuring

  Electrical & Electronics, (Data Loggers)

  Linear Measuring Equipment

  Valves, (POSV, SRV, MOV, Control Valves, Globe, Wafer)

  Gas Detectors

The organization is accredited to ISO9001:2008 by TUV and Municipality.

The calibration procedures applied are traceable to national and/or international standards. The calibrated instruments are tagged/labeled and issued with calibration certificate containing details of the Master instrument, unit under Test and results with due dates.

We accommodate the processing industry, from small industry to power plants / refineries based on;



Services includes onsite services using portable test equipment for the field calibration of:

Instrumentation (pressure/temperature/level)
Welding plants, ovens
Valves, safety, pilot operated…etc
Environmental monitoring
Water leakage detections
Gas Analyzers / Emissions

  Workshop Services


Flow metering, calibration, servicing, repairs/spares
Safety valves, servicing, lapping, testing, set pressure testing/setting
Pressure/Hydro testing of spools, regulators




  Laboratory Calibration


Calibrators; Pressure, Temperature

Weighing And Measuring Indicators/Meters
Electronic & Electrical equipment
Torque & force meters/equipment


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